Green Paths, for Dibra

Project “Green Paths for Dibra” financed by Lëviz Albania, and intend to advocate and lobby for the dramatic waste pollution in the principal streams flowing into Black Drin River in Municipality of Dibra.


To make the responsibility

Lack of good waste management

To be collaborative

Lack of cooperation of the main actors

To be active

The indifference of community of the environment situation when they live.

Our solution


The principal objective is to be responsible all actors, Local Government, community, private sector for the situation, with advocate an lobby in social media and network.


The information folder, multimedia products “short clips” and scientific research “Articles” (articles) will be published on various websites, social networks, portals, televisions and local newspapers to promote public debate.


We will organize cleaning actions, awareness at the middle schools to understand the importance of environment, what benefit us as citizens, and how we can help improve the situation.
Also by Rafting in the Black Drin River can see all the parts of not be accessed and at the same time clean action with activists in the most problematic areas.