National Activism Day

NAD 2018

North Green Association be part of organized for the first time in Albania, the National Activism Day #NAD by CO-PLAN, on the 22nd of October 2018 with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Tirana. This event was a culmination of a two-year effort to strengthen, help and mentor civil society organizations as well as active citizens through the project KINDLE Advocacy, in their at- tempts to bring forward a cause or social problem in their community. NAD brought together more than 50 organizations of different backgrounds advocating for social justice, protection of human rights, social development, gender equality etc.

Env.Net was part of NAD, through a study visit in the Seta River advocating the protection of rivers from HPPs. Seta is a branch of Drin Basin, within the territory of the Municipality of Dibra. Five local and national civil society organizations participated in this activity, raising the voice in the river’s protection against the negative impacts that HPPs cause when constructed on water bodies. The activity, which spanned across two days, aimed at observing and documenting by videos and photos (using Dron) all the problems caused by the construction of 4 HPPs along Seta River.


During the activity, environmental experts communicated with residents about the problems that cause construction of HPPs into ecosystem and consequently negative impacts on agriculture and local economy. While obereving the problems in the Seta River, two live broadcasts were made directly in Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, where NAD activity took place. In addition to the negative impacts on the river ecosystem, the experts present and C.E.O of North Green Association Edi Truka focused their discussion on the illegality of process of construction, as two of the HPPs are located in protected areas, namely the natural Canyon of Seta and the Cave of Sopanika.